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I am fortunate to have to received a number of rather lovely endorsements from those with whom I have worked. Please feel free to browse these below.

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Steve Lodge

Three words sum Rob up well: Principles, Passion and Personal. His professional track record resoundingly reflects all three, demonstrating a high level leader who thrives on enabling others to succeed within a principled framework. If you need a strategic mind who can help you gain clarity through the fog yet who is able to passionately support and encourage, I can recommend nobody more highly. 

His charity work echoes his heart for people, his commercial background reflects his focus on corporate achievement, and his personal friendships display his humility, warmth and humour. You’ll like him!

Berangere Michel

I worked with Rob for many years. He brings clarity to complex issues, speaks truth to power, and balances a commercial and sharp mind with a kind, values-led, heart.

I sought Rob's advice on the more sensitive matters of Board relationships and employee engagement at scale as I always knew that he would be thoughtful, insightful, and never shy to tell me — constructively — what I needed to hear, even when it wasn't what I wanted to hear. He is incredibly honest, witty and a pleasure to work with.

Rachel Whittington

We recently engaged Rob at Invigilo to deliver a critical piece of work for us that involved an analysis of multiple and complex risks and the development of a series of tools and policies to underpin ongoing risk management. As important as skill, we needed a trusted pair of hands who would handle the project sensitively and with integrity. The speed, quality and scope of the outputs exceeded all my expectations. Without a doubt, it's the best piece of consultancy work I have commissioned in years and the work will have ripple effects across the organisation for years to come.

James Allport

Robert is a respected, hugely experienced, tenacious and commercial leader. His drive and energy are contagious. But when I look back on working for him, and with him, what stands out is the skill with which he balances the commercial and the human, and his strong moral compass. In a world which badly needs servant-leaders who are purpose-led, I can think of few people better to lead, or support leaders, in the "new normal".

Paul Baumann

Robert is a highly effective Board member with an instinctive understanding of the best way to add value as a non-executive director. In his work on the Board of Westminster Abbey's commercial arm over the last eight years, he has demonstrated a strong and deeply rooted commitment to public service, combined with the sensitivity to operate successfully in the distinctive environment of an iconic national institution.

He brings great clarity of strategic and operational insight to the Board's discussions, and his extensive experience and deep expertise in leadership, employee engagement and customer service excellence have enabled him to make an invaluable contribution to the Abbey’s commercial businesses, which are now some of the most successful in the sector. We benefit greatly from his membership of the Board, and I have no hesitation in recommending him for similar roles in other organisations.

Ian Hiscock

Having worked with Robert over many years, there are few leaders I've come across who are as principled and consistent in their outlook. He combines a sharp commercial mind with a fundamental humanity and belief in people's decency and the importance of them being treated in the same fashion. Purpose-driven organisations, those in the not for profit sector, or businesses that place the employee experience front and centre will find Robert an able, passionate and challenging advisor

Pierre Claude

When I think of Rob, I think of a wise, savvy, witty, watchful and compassionate counsel.

Over the last 60 days, I have also been privileged to benefit from Rob's insightful and sharp advice on my EdTech start-up. He acted as a sounding board on the essential milestones of the venture from the business plan design to the choice of potential collaborators at a level I never believed possible. 

Rob is able to help you connect strategy, goals, values and meaningful purpose, all customised to your unique situation and leadership style. If you are at a loss as to what to do, or at a crossroad, turn to Rob. He has the extraordinary ability to help an organisation see the forest for the trees whilst making each tree count.

Alan Charter

Robert quickly got to grips with the heart of our need along with the culture of our team. His thoughtful and considered contribution helped to spark fresh insights for some of the team who were then able to turn challenges into possible launch opportunities.

Robert’s personable, approachable style and humour, quickly puts people at ease, establishing confidence and enabling you to maximise the value from your time and his support. I encourage you to invest in a coffee, take some time to chat and see where it takes you!

Andrew Barnett

Rob has brought a clear and calm approach to the task of overseeing our finances momentum and space for individuals to flourish through clear processes and supportive discussions with individuals. I would thoroughly recommend him.

Nick Thomas

In my experience Rob is a real pleasure to work with. He combines insight, and the courage to probe and challenge, with tact and can be relied upon to bring focus and add depth to any discussion. He's supportive, but demands robust explanations and answers to questions. And he's an astute reader of financial information! For me he exemplifies what being an effective Trustee - or Non Exec - should be about.