Endorsements (v2)

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I am fortunate to have to received a number of rather lovely endorsements from those with whom I have worked. Please feel free to browse these below.

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Pierre Claude

When I think of Rob, I think of a wise, savvy, witty, watchful and compassionate counsel.

Over the last 60 days, I have also been privileged to benefit from Rob's insightful and sharp advice on my EdTech start-up. He acted as a sounding board on the essential milestones of the venture from the business plan design to the choice of potential collaborators at a level I never believed possible. 

Rob is able to help you connect strategy, goals, values and meaningful purpose, all customised to your unique situation and leadership style. If you are at a loss as to what to do, or at a crossroad, turn to Rob. He has the extraordinary ability to help an organisation see the forest for the trees whilst making each tree count.

Paul Baumann

Robert is a highly effective Board member with an instinctive understanding of the best way to add value as a non-executive director. In his work on the Board of Westminster Abbey's commercial arm over the last eight years, he has demonstrated a strong and deeply rooted commitment to public service, combined with the sensitivity to operate successfully in the distinctive environment of an iconic national institution.

He brings great clarity of strategic and operational insight to the Board's discussions, and his extensive experience and deep expertise in leadership, employee engagement and customer service excellence have enabled him to make an invaluable contribution to the Abbey’s commercial businesses, which are now some of the most successful in the sector. We benefit greatly from his membership of the Board, and I have no hesitation in recommending him for similar roles in other organisations.

James Allport

Robert is a respected, hugely experienced, tenacious and commercial leader. His drive and energy are contagious. But when I look back on working for him, and with him, what stands out is the skill with which he balances the commercial and the human, and his strong moral compass. In a world which badly needs servant-leaders who are purpose-led, I can think of few people better to lead, or support leaders, in the "new normal".

Lesley Cheesman

Rob is inquisitive and insightful which gives space for staff at all levels to explore current realities and to re-imagine future possibilities, which strengthen and grow values-led businesses and charities. During my time as CEO, Robert has mentored me with understanding and wisdom, inspiring and facilitating growth in my leadership skills as well as raising the engagement of my staff team.

The breadth of Robert’s leadership experience and operational expertise has been highly valued by my senior team who continue to reference Robert’s courageous input.