Ed Walker

Over a number of years now I would see Rob as the person I would turn to if I had a difficult leadership, management, strategic or personnel issue. He is comfortable as a mentor in the purest sense of the word in that he helps me think through the situations that I present him. Additionally, I have twice asked him to speak, for an hour, to staff on leadership and both times he has taken everyone’s breath away. The quality of his presentations both inspired and endeared, everyone left having learnt and wish they had more time. 

Quickly evident when meeting him is his experience from years of leading teams, under considerable pressure at a very high level. He has the ability to break leadership and management into a science – he explains it almost like a physics. This gives you a real confidence that your issues are not unique and that clear actions can provide a route out. Rob has a very high degree of honesty; anchored because he genuinely cares for you as a colleague. 

You never however get the impression he is softening a blow or advice. He speaks straight and this gives you confidence that what you hear is the best advice he can give you. He has that rare gift of delivering even tough truths without undermining the relationship. He is engrossed in your issues and prepared to thoroughly understand it and wrestle with you on it. This sense of giving you his absolute best is rare humility and selflessness.