Rev David Whitlock

With Rob’s unique blend of gifts, personality and humour comes with a wealth of experience drawn from years working in the commerce and charity sectors.

Until my retirement in 2019, I was able to observe Rob’s skills at first hand in both sectors. He has an innate ability to draw people together around a common purpose and vision. He is a strategic thinker who listens, encourages and affirms those around him. He brings an incisiveness and clarity to all aspects of an organisation’s work, drawing on his integrity and clear convictions. Being minister and team leader of a medium sized Baptist Church, I gained tremendously from Rob’s support, encouragement and wisdom, enhancing my own personal skills and abilities.

Rob’s desire – rooted in his clear Christian faith – is to see individuals and organisations grow, fulfilling their potential whilst maintaining a clear ethos. If you are an organisation, charity, church or an individual wanting someone to journey with you for a while, Rob is just the person. I fully recommend him as someone who has had a lasting effect on my life and the church I previously led.