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Invigilo Consulting has been primarily set up to support principle-led leaders seeking to develop the effective running of their small to medium size organisations. I have a particular passion to assist charities or Christian organisations in mission but also those dedicated to employee engagement through ownership or depth of fulfillment. In doing so I wish to be putting to good use over 30 years in the commercial sector, much of which was in senior Executive roles, experience working with and on Boards. I believe I am well equipped to enable and encourage leaders as they navigate the complex expectations often placed on their shoulders.

My motivation is in striving to make a positive difference to leaders, enabling them to successfully develop their teams, communities and organisations. I am a firm believer in the importance of principles and values, understanding how they shape the role of leadership.

Personal connection, honesty and integrity are fundamental to the relationships I wish to develop with individuals and organisations. I feel each of us, through conversations, compassion and actions, can make a difference for each other and our society to be proud of.